I Planted a Seed

I planted a seed years ago

Watered it daily

Slowly it converted into a sappling


Than small leaves became visible

The light green colour was sensational

Made ensure it gets enough sunlight

It grew perfectly in the bright daylight


I kept away all the crows

I fought with every foes

One day I realised that

It no longer fitted in the pots


It was shifted in the open grounds

It Hustled with rest of the plants

For food,water , sunlight and space

But adjusted gradually with its own pace


After so many years of love and care

It had become a fully grown tree

Birds around it flee

Full with flowers, wherever you see


Now in the scrotching sun

It provides me with shade

In my difficult times

It never let my happiness fade


I grew up the plant just like a child

Now mature enough taking care ,

Of itself in the wild

Giving me a happy stop

Where I can take rest,in the world’s race

-nitya Goel



The Proposal

The Proposal


In a dark hall,A flame shined

Decorated with roses

Flowed freely fountain of wine

In a dark hall,A man stood

Dressed in long British coat

Looked his best,as he could

In a dark hall,A girl stepped from stairs

Wearing a white gown

Nicely curled loosened hair’s

Smelling the fragrance of Rose

Listening to sound of the fountain

Hearing the opening of a champagne

Smiling at song played by her beloved

Feeling his presence ,Trying to locate him

And he extends his arms

Opens,a box of ring

“My name’s initials” , after touching

Tears from her eyes,now fell

Holding his arms,  trying to feel his love

The only thing she could do

Because she was the one

Who cannot see through

Her eyes incapable of seeing the world

Whether it was light or dark blue

But she knew she had found her love

It’s not necessary that everything

Needs to been seen

In love,We just need to understand the feelings





He saw her in his dreams

Was she an angel

Or a ghost who made her scream


He saw her in his dreams

Fair skin,long hair

Blue eyes,lips like cream


He saw her in his dreams

Was she a illusion

Or someone from her memories


He saw her in his dreams

Nicely dressed,a beautiful saree she wear

Looked like a heroine from 80’s


He saw her in his dreams

She was none other than

Her own mother,now visible only in paintings


He saw her in his dreams

Someone who made his dreams a reality

He saw her in his dreams

Guiding him with her philosophies

He saw her in his dreams

Because she still lived in his memories

-Nitya Goel

The journey of life

The journey of life


Road full of pebbles

Turns full of suspense

Memories full of glance

Opportunity demanding a second chance

Hurdles making a high fence

Time changing with every tense

Salty taste with sweet essence

Learning just to go with the rhythm

Making our own steps of dance

Sour with a chilly blench

Sometimes coming out of trance

In almost every situation finding a sense

Going forward and saying hence

Everyone is fighting their own struggle

Busy in world’s hustle and bustle

The journey of life goes on

Once we find the destination

A completely new road giggles


-Nitya Goel

Once I was told a fairytale

Once I was told a fairy tale

Prince charming from a distant land

Before his bravery no one could stand

Arrogant enough not to hunt in band

Went to jungle,on a new trail


Once I was told a fairy tale

In the same jungle,a girl came

Far away from any fame

Courageous enough that no one could tame

Took her horse,set her sail


Once I was told a fairy tale

Girl followed the pray,the prince stood

Just watching the game

Amazed by skills of girl , wanted to knowher name

Followed her in the tiny frail


Once I was told a fairy tale

Both met,his eyes were wet

No better girl he could get

She a common girl regret

Vanished in air, converting into a spirit

Of prince’s first love,who was already dead

Still remained in his memories as holy grail


Once I was told a fairy tale

Once I was told a fairy tale

-Nitya Goel


In My Dreams

In my dreams

Dressed in white gown

That separates me from the crowd

Covered from head to toe

In silver,gold and pearl

A face that glew with shine

Holding a glass of red wine

Looking at her glass slippers

Watching something sweeter

Dressed in black coat

From the world he fought

Tall enough from the average crowd

Again and again a single name he shout

Hairs well trimmed and groomed

Wearing the nicest perfume

Dressed in black and white

Eyes met and love happened at first sight

He the groom ,she the bride

But came to attend marriages at different sides

Alot of feelings they hide, within cried,

The black came, took white

Apart from the crowd

Without a single doubt,

Dancing in each other arms

Amidst of the wedding farms

Relatives and friends gave alarms

But this couple danced

And then struck ten,the alarm rang

A sleepy girl woke up,from her dreams

Finding that groom holding his hands

-Nitya Goel

Because life is a gift

Building her own dreams

Fighting her own race

Creating her own life

Learning from her own mistakes

Singing her own songs

Correcting her own wrongs

Proving herself along

Knowing her own faults

Trying to tigh some new knots

Fixing her own heart

Fearing her own pasts

Crying her own all nights

Missing her own laughs

No more afraid of darks

Carrying deep scars

Thinking her own for hours

Celebrating her own flowers

Living her own days of life

Living her own days of life

Rebuilding herself bit by bit

Standing on her own feet

Because she knew life was a gift

She knew that life was a gift

-Nitya Goel

She knew,she knew

Smiling all day,

Crying silently all night,

Trying to forget

Getting lost in the world,

Missing that someone,

But knowing that someone  doesn’t matter,

Knowing that she had her life,

She had her dreams,

Knowing what happened ,

Happened for good

Knowing that someone was away for her own good,


Knowing she didn’t need them

Knowing she will get through this

Carrying an ache in the heart

Knowing she will love again

But knew she won’t be the same again

But knew that she has changed

She was better than before

She was confident than before

Pain no longer felt

Knowing that she has her own life

Knowing that she has her own dreams

But knew that she has lost enough

But knew that she was never going to loose herself again,

In these empty nights

And morning smiles,

She hid sorrow,that no one could see

Bringing smiles on others face,

She knew she would survive,

Lost in the race,

But she knew that she will never be same again

But she knew that she will never feel the same again

-Nitya Goel