5 Most Crazy Things To Do Before you Die

1.Swim in Jellyfish Lake in Palau

Things to do before you die: Swim in Jellyfish Lake in PalauJellyfish Lake in the Micronesian country of Palau is home to millions of jellyfish that are deemed relatively harmless since their sting is so light. It was still frightening for the first five minutes to be surrounded by jellyfish, some brushing up against my body. But, after the panic dissipated, this was one of my all-time favorite bucket list travel adventures.

2.Create Your Own Summer Cocktail

In the heat of the Arizona Summer, I decided it was the perfect time to create my own refreshing cocktail. The funnest part? Testing all the different concoctions. In the end, my signature drink was a Lemon-Basil Fizz made with prosecco, coconut rum, raspberries, basil and lemon sorbet.

3. Release Baby Turtles into the Ocean

Baby Olive Ridley Turtle nesting in Osa Peninsula, Costa RicaWhile on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica, I spent a memorable afternoon helping Osa Turtle Conservation. A group of us were taken to their hatchery along the beach to assist them in releasing baby Olive Ridley turtles into the ocean. Not only is it incredible knowing you are helping with these endangered animals survival, but they are adorable too.

4. Climb to the Peak of Sigiriya Rock in Sri Lanka

Things to do Before You Die: Climb to the Top of Sigiriya Rock in Sri LankaSigiriya is an ancient palace, built in 480AD, located in the central Matale District of Sri Lanka. This UNESCO World Heritage site is known for it’s beautifully landscaped gardens, well-preserved frescos and… a crap load of stairs, all at different anxiety producing levels. Climbing the 1200 steps will take some stamina, but the view at the top will be totally worth it.

5. Take a Flyboarding Jetpack Flight in Cancun

Things to do Before You Die: Annette White on a Flightboard Jetpack Cancun, Mexico

Flyboarding is an adventurous sport where your feet will be slipped into boots that are attached to a board, much like a snow board. A tube attached from your feet to the jet ski pushes water and propels you into the air. While in Cancun I got my shot to try this and it was beyond challenging. You definitely need to use every ounce of balance you have.



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