BEST FRIENDS ARE THE ONE WHO…… (a poem dedicated to best friend,by a best friend)

Six years back, we met 

On the same desk we sat, 

I still remember your hat, 

You made me happy whenever I was sad, 

Six years have passed 

Still  in the same way we met, 

Whenever my eyes become wet, 

You wipe of my tears, 

Laugh in my laughter, 

Cry in my pain, 

Scold me, tease me,flirt with me but in vain, 

But always protect me when problems in my life rain, 

You let all my worry drain, 

Our ages have changed but our friendship still the same, 

We fight with each other, 

Get jealous of each other, 

Take care of each other, 

Laugh at each other, 

In this life’s game, 

There was not a single thing you forgot, 

There was never a time when you were not there, 

There was not a single wish of mine you didn’t fulfilled

From you I can’t hide, everything about me you seek, than you freak

Whether I am sick or feeling weak, 

From every situation of my life, 

You offer me supportive stick, 

Not less than a brother, and much more than a friend, 

Such is my best friend…. 



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