The girl who was different

People said that she was different,

That she was unique in her own sense

Maybe a limited edition

Maybe someone who can’t be fractioned


People  said she was stubborn

That she was passionate enough in her own way

Maybe she dared  to fight

Maybe someone who dared to make things right


People said that she was an angry young woman,

That she had a temper to brake others into shatters,

But still  maybe at the same time loved and cared in such a way that melted others away

Maybe someone who had the softest heart,


What people said didn’t mattered to her Because in the end

She knew how to convert no into yes,

Problems into solutions,tears into smile

Failure into success,pain into happiness

Someone who was not afraid of thunder

or to get lost in dark,

Someone who just  wanted to open her eyes and get wet

In the rain,

shine as flame

By Nitya Goel


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