In My Dreams

In my dreams

Dressed in white gown

That separates me from the crowd

Covered from head to toe

In silver,gold and pearl

A face that glew with shine

Holding a glass of red wine

Looking at her glass slippers

Watching something sweeter

Dressed in black coat

From the world he fought

Tall enough from the average crowd

Again and again a single name he shout

Hairs well trimmed and groomed

Wearing the nicest perfume

Dressed in black and white

Eyes met and love happened at first sight

He the groom ,she the bride

But came to attend marriages at different sides

Alot of feelings they hide, within cried,

The black came, took white

Apart from the crowd

Without a single doubt,

Dancing in each other arms

Amidst of the wedding farms

Relatives and friends gave alarms

But this couple danced

And then struck ten,the alarm rang

A sleepy girl woke up,from her dreams

Finding that groom holding his hands

-Nitya Goel


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