The Proposal

The Proposal


In a dark hall,A flame shined

Decorated with roses

Flowed freely fountain of wine

In a dark hall,A man stood

Dressed in long British coat

Looked his best,as he could

In a dark hall,A girl stepped from stairs

Wearing a white gown

Nicely curled loosened hair’s

Smelling the fragrance of Rose

Listening to sound of the fountain

Hearing the opening of a champagne

Smiling at song played by her beloved

Feeling his presence ,Trying to locate him

And he extends his arms

Opens,a box of ring

“My name’s initials” , after touching

Tears from her eyes,now fell

Holding his arms,  trying to feel his love

The only thing she could do

Because she was the one

Who cannot see through

Her eyes incapable of seeing the world

Whether it was light or dark blue

But she knew she had found her love

It’s not necessary that everything

Needs to been seen

In love,We just need to understand the feelings



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