I Planted a Seed

I planted a seed years ago

Watered it daily

Slowly it converted into a sappling


Than small leaves became visible

The light green colour was sensational

Made ensure it gets enough sunlight

It grew perfectly in the bright daylight


I kept away all the crows

I fought with every foes

One day I realised that

It no longer fitted in the pots


It was shifted in the open grounds

It Hustled with rest of the plants

For food,water , sunlight and space

But adjusted gradually with its own pace


After so many years of love and care

It had become a fully grown tree

Birds around it flee

Full with flowers, wherever you see


Now in the scrotching sun

It provides me with shade

In my difficult times

It never let my happiness fade


I grew up the plant just like a child

Now mature enough taking care ,

Of itself in the wild

Giving me a happy stop

Where I can take rest,in the world’s race

-nitya Goel



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